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How Bugs Modulate Drugs?

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Summary Gut microbes (genus: Alistipes) decrease Olanzapine's bioavailability.
Olanzapine (PubChem CID: 135398745)
Alistipes (Tax ID: 239759)
decrease bioavailability
Olanzapine, an orally active antipsychotic drug, was found to be more bioavailable in antibiotic-treated rats. In this study, the gut microbiota of male Sprague Dawley rats were depleted with antibiotics. Olanzapine bioavailability significantly increased (1.8-fold) in antibiotics-treated rats. It is a non-direct effect as no alteration of the ex-vivo metabolism of olanzapine. this effect is thought to be through downregulation of UGT1A3 in the duodenum after antibiotics treatment. A significant negative correlation was detected between the abundance of Alistipes and Olanzapine.

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