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How Bugs Modulate Drugs?

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Summary Gut microbes (superkingdom: Bacteria) increase Olanzapine's N/A.
Olanzapine (PubChem CID: 135398745)
Bacteria (Tax ID: 2)
increase N/A
Olanzapine, an atypical antipsychotic drug, causes a known side effect of increased body weight and visceral fat in many previous reports. The gut microbiota plays a non-negligible role in augmenting this side effect. This study shows a difference in the gut microbiota in rats after treatment with olanzapine alone or olanzapine-antibiotics. The rapid weight gain is lower significantly in olanzapine-antibiotics treated groups(P<0.05) and lower uterine fat (P<0.05) compared with olanzapine alone. These effects can be owing to dysbiosis of the gut microbiome. Increasing in the abundance of Firmicutes and reduction of Bacteriodetes were observed in the olanzapine treated group alone. In contrast to the olanzapine-antibiotics group, a reduction in Firmicutes and an increase in Bacteriodetes were observed.

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