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Summary Gut microbes (currently unknown members) affect cyadox's metabolic processing.
cyadox (PubChem CID: 5361511)
affect metabolic processing
Cyadocx is an antimicrobial and growth-promoting feed additive for food-producing animals. When cyadox is incubated with swine ileal and gut microbiota, seven metabolites were identified as follows: - three reduced metabolites (cyadox 1-monoxide (Cy1), cyadox 4-monoxide (Cy2) and bisdesoxycyadox (Cy4)); - hydroxylation metabolite (3-hydroxylcyadox 1-monoxide (Cy3)); hydrolysis metabolite of the amide bond (N-decyanoacetyl cyadox (Cy5)); - a hydrogenation metabolite (11,12-dihydro-bisdesoxycyadox (Cy6)) and a side-chain cleavage metabolite (2-hydromethylquinoxaline (Cy7)). The results indicated that N→O group reduction was the main metabolic pathway of CYX metabolism in swine ileal flora, intestinal microsomes and mucosa. New metabolic profiles of hydrogenation and cleavage on the side chain were found in colonic bacteria.

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