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How Bugs Modulate Drugs?

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Summary Gut microbes (species: Akkermansia muciniphila) increase Oxaliplatin's activity.
Oxaliplatin (PubChem CID: 43805)
Akkermansia muciniphila (Tax ID: 239935)
increase activity
FOLFOX (oxaliplatin, fluorouracil, and calcium folinate) is a regimen used to treat colon cancer that has a better effect and lower side effect than oxaliplatin alone. A higher abundance of the gut microbiome akkermansia muciniphila in FOLFOX treated patients was observed and correlated with FOLFOX efficiency over oxaliplatin alone. Colonization of mice with akkermansia muciniphila before FOLFOX treatment showed highert tumer inhibition rate (from 48 to 76%) compared to FOLFOX alone.

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