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Summary Environmental microbes (species: Sphingomonas sp. Ibu-2) increase ibuprofen's degradation.
ibuprofen (PubChem CID: 3672)
Sphingomonas sp. Ibu-2 (Tax ID: 412900)
increase degradation
Sphingomonas Ibu-2 has the unusual ability to cleave the acid side chain of ibuprofen and related arylacetic acid derivatives to yield corresponding catechols (e.g., isobutylcatechol) under aerobic conditions. Candidate proteins/enzymes identified are the products of five ORFs within the ipfABDEF operon, whose amino acid sequences are similar to: (1) the large and small units of an aromatic dioxygenase (ipfAB); (2) a sterol carrier protein X, SCPx, thiolase (ipfD); 3) a domain of unknown function 35 (DUF35) protein (ipfE); 4) an aromatic CoA ligase (ipfF); 5) two putative ferredoxin reductase and ferredoxin components (ipfH and ipfI).

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